Ecology Mat - Custom Rugs, Carpets and Floor Mats in San Giovanni La Punta

Ecology Mat was founded by Dr. Fabio Daniele. Before this he gained extensive expertise in leading multinational players in the hygiene industry for private and commercial clients. In contrast to these multinationals, however, Ecology focuses on personal contact when it comes to customer service. We investigate each case on its own merits, looking to standard international concepts and methods for guidance. Each product we provide becomes a unique solution for each and every customer. One of Ecology Mat’s key strengths over the years has been its ability to maintain a very direct relationship with its customers. Our customer centric approach ensures that are customers are satisfied and loyal. They know that our highest concern is not the number of products we sell, but the extent to which these products actually serve their functional purpose. They have learned to trust us in taking care of their needs in a responsible manner. At Ecology Mat we have adopted this role as our key objective and responsibility towards our customers. We produce rugs of the highest possible quality workmanship and are involved in all the relevant phases of design, construction and installation.
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