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Eco Mat is a new doormat on the market that is of the highest quality possible quality. It has two properties, in that it is resistant both to frequent washing as well as high volumes of trampling. Eco Mats are available in a number of shapes and colors. They can also be customized with any design or image as per our customer specifications.
Their quality is based on three key factors: EDGINGS, SHAPES, AND SOFTNESS
Eco Mat is a rug that is suitable for any company that would attach great value to its image and how its brand is presented to the world.

Eco Mat

Bold, vibrant colors distinguish Eco Mat from similar products that are already on the market. The product is truly unique and has an interesting look. There is no limit to the design possibilities. This brand new Print Technique (direct injection deep into the material) makes Eco Mat without peer when it comes to standing the test of time. Up to 44 colors are available, also special features like shades and slimmer lines.
Eco Mat is a rug made of an optimal combination of twisted fibres and non-slip rubber. absorbing a great deal of moisture from wet shoes. Great cleaning characteristics and outstanding advertising impact. It can be printed with a personalized image, making it perfect for advertising or providing information. Durable and resistant up to at least 150 washes at 60 °.

Technical Data Sheet

5 YEAR WARRANTY or 300 washes, with a proper degree of care and maintenance.
MATERIAL COMPOSITION: 100% polyamide fiber.
BOTTOM COMPOSITION: 100% natural rubber, non-slip adhesive to the floor.
TOTAL THICKNESS: 7/8 mm. + 1 mm. With anti-tripping border on the perimeter.
TOTAL WEIGHT: 2830 gr./sqm.
ROLL DIMENSIONS: recommended standard measurements
CLEANING: Vacuum cleaner, rug cleaner or machine washable at 60 °
USE: indoor doormat, suitable as second barrier - to dirt
WALKING TRAFFIC CAPACITY: intense - high, 1500-5000 people per day.
GENERAL: customizable, non-staining, non-stripping, anti-static, fire-resistant.
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