Ecological carpets in San Giovanni La Punta

Eco PVC is an open-ended mesh vinyl knurl designed for outdoor environments that may even come into direct contact with water.
Its robust structure is ideal for high-traffic areas.
Its composition and strength make it possible to create a personalized doormat unique to their personality, that can easily be adapted to each entrance. We recommend that you use this knurl outdoors.

The vinyl doormats are not all the same. Don’t forget these simple guidelines when selecting the doormat that is perfect for you. A good rug should have the following characteristics:

  • Quality bristles
  • Anti-slip resistant base
  • Logo that does not discolor or run
  • High level of durability over time
That's why a personalized PVC rug is the most popular on the market when it comes to companies as well as private individuals who truly care about their environment, whether it be at home or at the office. With a vinyl knurl doormat, each one of your entrances looks neat. No need to sacrifice convenience either. This rug traps dust and dirt without difficulty. A custom-made PVC rug can be attached to the interior of a room with a needle punch. Complete protection which at the same time also enhances the beauty of the location.

Vinyl swirl

These are the reasons why Ecology Mat has always been at the top of customers’ minds when they want to create functional, practical and innovative products of which vinyl knurl in PVC is the most striking example.

Highly drainable technical materials are suitable for outdoor use, possibly covered, are very durable and also suitable for personalization be means of "mosaic" technology, which is always recommended when it comes to internal step dryers or synthetic Eco rugs.
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Technical Data sheet

MATERIAL COMPOSITION: 100% rolled vinyl filament
BASE COMPOSITION: 100 % tight fitting mousse flooring in pvc and/or no draining
TOTAL THICKNESS: 10 mm - 15 mm – 18mm
TOTAL WEIGHT: 4500 g/sqm – 5000 g/sqm – 5500 g/sqm
ROLL DIMENSIONS: 1.20 m X 6 m (possibility of joints for non-standard rugs)
CLEANING: washable with cold water wash 
USE: external doormat, can be used as secondary or primary barrier against dirt
WALKING TRAFFIC CAPACITY: intense - high, 1500-5000 people per day.
GENERAL: personalizable, non-staining, non-stripping, antistatic, fire resistant.

Eco rubber

Standing for several hours during the day can lead to pain and discomfort. Over the long run this can even cause permanent damage to your health, joint pain, leg swelling, foot problems such as calluses, corns and tendonitis and other orthopedic illnesses. Prolonged standing also has an impact on our circulatory system because it forces the heart to exert increased pressure on the vein walls. Scientific evidence, in particular studies conducted by Loughborugh University, have proven the effectiveness of ergonomic mats in preventing these problems. Industrial work rugs cushion the contact that is made with hard surfaces. This forces the body to move more by distributing the weight more evenly. The body adapts to the surface by moving more and avoiding the static positions that cause the above-mentioned disorders. It also reduces fatigue.
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